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29 March, 04:54

A client has a history of diabetes mellitus. after assessing the client, the primary healthcare provider confirms damage to the sensory limb of the bladder spinal reflex arc. which clinical manifestations could confirm this condition?

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  1. 29 March, 05:35
    Bladder spinal reflex is the mechanism so you can consciously void urine. There are receptors in the bladder that senses the amount of urine collected. These are responsible for that ‘voiding urge’. The higher the amount of urine collected, the greater the intensity of the signals. Finally, when you get to the bathroom, another set of nerves lets you consciously urinate so you can select which bathroom stall is nice for peeing. Diabetes mellitus can damage nerves in the spinal cord, including those involved in functioning of the bladder. Damage to the nerves in the bladder spinal reflex arc is suspected if the patient suffers from urinary retention - where the patient can consciously void urine but cannot feel if the bladder is full.
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