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27 March, 16:48

What happens during the G1 phase of the cell cycle? Group of answer choices chromosomes are separated cell division is completed DNA replication occurs the cell grows and prepares for DNA replication

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  1. 27 March, 17:06
    The correct answer is: the cell grows and prepares for DNA replication.


    The cell cycle is a series of steps that the cell goes under to grow and function and to prepare for reproduction.

    The cell cycle can be divided into two main categories: interphase and mitosis (cell division). The interphase consists of 3 phases: G1, S and G2.

    G1 is the phase where the cell grows and prepares for DNA replication: the organelles are copied.

    S is the phase where DNA replication occurs, to provide a DNA copy to each of the daughter cells that will be resulting from mitosis.

    In G2, the cell grows more and make more proteins; its organelles are rearranged in order to prepare for mitosis.

    Mitosis is where the chromosomes are separated and given to the daughter cells, that will be identical to the parent cell.
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