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24 August, 21:17

All of the following describe possible results of competition between two species except A) competitive exclusion. B) aposematic coloration. C) resource partitioning. D) reduction in the population of one species. E) reduction in the populations of both species.

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  1. 24 August, 22:28
    B) aposematic coloration


    The species constantly compete between each other, some because they occupy the same niche int he food chain, others even though they are in different niches tend to destroy each other, and some just avoid each other and partition the resources. This often results in partitioning of the resources between different species, when usually they are active in different parts of the day and avoid each other. Also, it is common that some of the species is more competitive, so that will result in a decline of the other species, or if the species are on the same level of competitiveness, then usually both species have declines in numbers to some optimal level. The aposematic coloration though is not part of the competition between the species. It is a type of coloration that warns the other species that the species that possesses it is either not good for eating, or it has a weapon that can harm them, thus they should avoid it and leave it alone.
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