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18 July, 07:33

A client has developed the facial appearance that is characteristic of myxedema, along with an enlarged tongue, bradycardia, and voice changes. Which of the following treatment modalities is most likely to benefit this client?

A) Synthetic preparations of T3or T4

B)  -Adrenergic blocking drugs

C) Corticosteroid replacement therapy

D) Oral or parenteral cortisol replacement

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  1. 18 July, 08:29
    A) Synthetic preparations of T3or T4


    Myxedema is a situation which is characterized by severe hypothyroidism affecting mainly the skin giving it swollen and puffy appearance also characterized by bradycardia and slowing of other systems due to lack of thyroid hormones (T3 T4)

    As myxedema is a severe form of hypothyroidism, caused by deficiency of the thyroid hormones, because the thyroid gland is not being able to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4).

    Hence this situation can be treated by administration of the synthetic preparations of T3 AND T4 in order to bring back the levels of thyroid hormones to the normal.
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