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13 October, 20:08

Upon discovering fraudulent data in a client's tax return that the client would not correct, a CPA withdraws from the engagement. How should the CPA respond if asked by the successor CPA why the relationship was terminated?

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  1. 13 October, 21:26
    Even though a client cannot force CPA to engage in illegal activities, like any other employer cannot force an employee to commit a crime, there exists a - accountant-client privilege that cannot be violated. This means that the accountant cannot disclose any information regarding past clients unless ordered by a court or authorized by the client himself/herself.

    So, before discussing any previous events, the successor CPA must obtain the client's permission to discuss any events related to the previous relationship.
  2. 13 October, 21:53
    I would suggest that the client requests permission for us to discuss all matters on a platter.
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