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16 April, 21:13

Kelly Addison is a designer clothing buyer for a chain of department stores. She has gone through several negotiation certification programs and is

considered an expert negotiator by her peers.

Kelly often tells sellers that her budget will not allow her to pay the price they are asking. What is the most effective way a seller could counter that


Convince her of the benefits of the product.

Tell her to request a larger budget from her manager.

Offer her the product for what she says she can spend.

Offer to reduce the price through unbundling.

Ask to see proof of the limit of her budget.

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  1. 16 April, 22:57
    Offer to reduce price by unbundling.


    The term of unbundling pricing means to divide something, in this case clothes, to smaller parts. They are later sold individually.

    In this case, the negotiated price is charged to the buyer. On the final bill, the statistics are showed and the differences that have been made for each individual piece of clothing.

    This is a great way to introduce new products to this particular seller and also promote it. A seller will give to the buyer some gifts and form a package for them that will hold a certain, reduced price.

    Even though some pieces might be on discount, or the bill would be smaller than expected, the seller doesn't suffer the loss of the profit, because this way, the buyer will buy more things and increase the overall profit.
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