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3 February, 09:12

What kind of table lists the quantity of a good that a person will buy at different prices?

demand schedule

market demand curve

demand curve

O market demand schedule

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  1. 3 February, 09:17
    The kind of table which lists the quantity of a good that an individual person will buy at different prices is the market demand schedule.

    Answer: Option D


    A market demand schedule, is therefore a table of lists that lists the quantity of a good that a consumers will buy at every different prices in a market.

    A market demand schedule, thus, for a product, indicates that the relationship between the quantity demanded of the product and the price of the product which is in inverse relationship.

    The similar term is the demand schedule which enlist the quantity of the goods or product which is demanded at various prices in the market.

    The difference lies between the market demand schedule and demand schedule is the process of buying as the quantity demanded and the quantity of goods that will be bought.
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