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18 April, 18:55

For a class assignment that students are to complete individually, Student A and Student B decide to collaborate. Student A compiles research notes while Student B identifies the main findings. Both write their own original research papers, and neither cite the other's work. Is this:

- Unethical collaboration

- Plagiarism

- Both unethical collaboration and plagiarism

- Acceptable collaboration

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  1. 18 April, 20:46
    Both unethical collaboration and plagiarism


    Unethical collaboration -

    It refers to the practice of sharing common answers or words, is referred to as unethical collaboration.

    For example, students copying the same answer is an example of unethical collaboration.

    Plagiarism -

    It refers to the method of copying some other person's work completely, without the legal consult of the person, is referred to as the practice of plagiarism.

    Hence, from the given scenario of the question,

    The correct answer is - Both unethical collaboration and plagiarism.
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