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12 June, 20:20

Meryl is an avid doll collector and has been searching for the Beach Doll to complete her 200-piece collection. There were only 5 Beach Dolls created in the world. Meryl is envious of her neighbor Nancy, who has the first Beach Doll ever created. Nancy refuses to sell the doll because she thinks it will be worth a million dollars someday. While Nancy is on vacation, Meryl hires Alex to steal the doll from Nancy's home. Has an agency relationship been formed?

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  1. 12 June, 21:13
    An agency relationship has not been formed


    An agency relationship has not been formed because the agreement has an illegal purpose. An agency relationship is a situation where one party calling the principal allows another party called agent to act on his or her behalf.

    An agency relationship is only formed if the purpose for it's creation is legal. Meryl hired Alex to steal from Nancy, which is an illegal arrangement. Therefore an agency relationship was not formed.
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