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16 April, 01:25

Myra, who works in the marketing department at a consumer electronics firm, is part of a team assigned to develop an advertising campaign for the firm's newest electronic product. Myra and her team have decided that they will take out advertisements in certain magazines that best reach their target market. Myra will also advertise heavily on the firm's website and social media pages. Finally, they agree that they should take out 30-second television advertisements that will run for two weeks on a pulsing schedule.

At what stage are Myra and her team in the development of the advertising campaign?

A) Creating the advertising platform

B) Defining the advertising objectives

C) Determining the advertising appropriation

D) Developing the media plan

E) Creating the advertising message

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  1. 16 April, 01:59
    Answer: Option D

    Explanation: The technical development of the media campaigns is the third stage and the stage in the system that is directly affected by decisions from previously defined priorities.

    Activities that achieve these targets are taken into account with the following conditions: media mixture, target customer, consideration of content, regional scope, planning, scope & duration, artistic dimensions & mood, versatility or requirements of budget.

    Thus, from the above we can conclude that Myra is the developing stage.
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