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5 November, 08:09

Personal finance skills have the most significant impact on an individual’s

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  1. 5 November, 08:57
    Personal finance skills have the most significant impact on an individual's quality of life


    Being equipped with necessary personal finance skills means that one is able to foresee one's cash outflows well in advance and then matches one's inflows appropriately with cash outflows, thereby leading to a balanced life where one does not become excessively indebted or having to settle for low-life, because of extravagance brought about by ill-financial planning.

    Most of the personal finance problems experienced nowadays are attributable to lack of basic finance skills.
  2. 5 November, 09:34
    C) Quality of life


    Financial literacy (actually possessing financial skills and knowledge) is extremely useful not only for people that work in finance related careers, but for everyone. Possessing financial literacy allows an individual to improve their quality of life because they can plan for the future.

    For example, many professional athletes earn millions of dollars and spend them right away. Since they lack the skills necessary to only spend a certain amount and invest the rest for future spending.

    Life is very long and the better you plan your future income, e. g. retirement accounts, annuity plans, other investments, the better you will be. And not only will you be better, but your loved ones will also be better.
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