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20 July, 13:15

Describe the company using a minimum of 4 factors that influence network design decision in supply chains.

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  1. 20 July, 14:01
    The company will have the ability of meeting target of accomplishing long-term strategic objectives.


    The supply chain network design can be described or explained as a process of building and modelling a supply chain, in order of having a better understanding of the associated time and cost of transporting or moving goods to the market based on the available resources and location.

    there steps to be followed when considering the designing of supply chain network, these are

    * Defining the business objectives

    * Defining the scope of the project

    * Determination of form of analyses

    * Determination of the tools to be used

    * Project completion.

    Some of the factors associated with supply chain network design include

    * Infrastructural factor, * Technological factor, * Cost of logistics and facilities

    * Competitive factors, * strategic factors, among others.

    In summary, the supply chain network design will the company to balance service levels against many processes, starting from production and purchasing cost, carrying cost, facility cost to transportation cost and risk.
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