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11 June, 11:33

Which type of consumer products are frequently purchased with little planning, little comparison or shopping effort, and low customer involvement?

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  1. 11 June, 13:11
    The correct answer is letter "B": Convenience products.


    Convenience products are those that consumers purchase as part of their routine because they are necessary according to their lifestyles. Minimum effort and thought are required to acquire them and the involvement of a sales representative to incentivize the purchase is needless.

    Groceries and food items, drinks, snacks, candy bards, bread, milk, cereals, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo are considered convenience goods.
  2. 11 June, 13:25
    Answer: Convenience products


    Convenience products are product which are bought easily and frequently by customers without much thought. They are also called low involvement purchases. Examples of Convenience products are newspapers, sugar, toothpaste.
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