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25 August, 07:47

Reverend samuel stanhope smiths proposal that skin color should be viewed as a product of climate and therefore not correlated to inner virtues (e. g., intelligence, character, personality) suggests that he felt:

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  1. 25 August, 07:58
    I think he felt that skin was attributable to climate and did not affect one's intelligence, character and personality so he was not a racist. While areas of the world like Latinamerica and Africa for example have many people with brown or black skin, they are every much as capable as people from more northern climates with white skin. The fact that, for example the Latin american areas had advanced civilizations like the Incas and Aztecs, the former with 1000's of kilometers of roads tying their empires together and the Aztecs with their monumental temples and both with advanced agriculture based on astronomical observations shows this is the case.
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