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28 March, 09:26

Angela's monthly disposable income is $1 comma 973. She has monthly expenses of $1 comma 755 (including recreational expenses of $241 ) and net cash flow of $218 per month. Angela makes a budget based on her personal cash flow statement. In two months, she must pay $276 for tags and taxes on her car. As a result, Angela can expect to save $ 2 comma 340 in the next 12 months. Angela analyzes her personal budget and decides that she can reduce her recreational spending by $34 per month. How much will that increase her annual savings? What will her annual savings be now?

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  1. 28 March, 11:24
    increase ein Angela's annual savings: $408

    savings after cuts: $2,748


    spending will decrease the amount saved per month times 12 month per year

    $34 recreational spending x 12 months = $408

    Angela's expected savings are 2,340 after considering this additional cut to their espending will leave her with savings for:

    $2,340 + $408 = $2,748
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