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20 April, 07:23

Your company works with freelance writers, and Kenji, your colleague, is responsible for processing the freelancers' invoices. Last week, Kenji accidentally input $560 instead of $650 on one of the invoices. The writer hasn't contacted you about the error yet, and you need to e-mail her to let her know that there was a mistake and that she should receive the rest of her payment soon. The following sentence is an excerpt from your e-mail: "Kenji made an error when he was processing your invoice." The sentence excerpted from the e-mail uses voice. Given the purpose of your message, this voice appropriate.

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  1. 20 April, 08:58
    The tone is not appropriate as the overriding issue to be tackled is that an error was made in calculating the invoice not necessarily the personality of the person who has committed the error


    The tone is better changed to passive just to highlight what transpired and that the organization is on top of the situation rather than portraying one's colleague as incompetent when in actual terms one error does translate into incompetence.
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