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23 December, 07:02

All of the following are potential benefits of B2B e-commerce except:

increased product cycle time.

increased production flexibility.

increased visibility and real-time information sharing among all participants in the supply chain network.

increased opportunities to collaborate with suppliers and distributors.

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  1. 23 December, 07:14
    increased production flexibility.


    It is arguable that B2B e-commerce does not increase production flexibility because commerce generally bothers about sales, since it increases reach to customers, guarantees better supplier and consumer management due to the amount of information available.

    Production Flexibility on the other hand bothers on a company's capability in adjusting its production capacity to changes in customer preferences without raising its costs.

    Hence, the output of B2B e-commerce (knowledge of customer needs) can be an input into production flexibility, but the later is more a matter of an organisation's internal core competence than a benefit of B2B e-commerce.
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