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11 June, 12:58

Jimmy starts work at an accounting firm. On the first day of work, his boss takes him aside and tells him about the specifics of his job at the firm. Over the next few months, when they both have time, Jimmy's boss gives him further advice, instructions, and personal training on unique tasks. Which of the following describes Jimmy's socialization process at the accounting firm?

A. formal

B. fixed

C. individual

D. collective

E. divestiture

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  1. 11 June, 14:56
    C. Individual.


    Jimmy displays attitudes of individual socialization the firm.

    Individuality in the sociological sense is that attribute which reveals the member of a group as more than merely a member. This makes him his total self, a centre of activity, of feeling, of function, of purpose. There is no inherent antagonism between individuality and society, each is essentially dependent on other.
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