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8 November, 23:23

In the late nineteenth century, many businessmen argued that the United States should be prepared to compete with nations throughout the world for natural resources. What policy would these businessmen support? a. an end to environmental protectionan b. end to American imperialismactive c. environmental protectiona d. movement toward American imperialism

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  1. 9 November, 00:26
    D) movement toward American imperialism


    Imperialism refers to a foreign policy doctrine that attempts to extend the rule of one nation over other countries. Usually imperialism is based on military power or economic control. During previous centuries, many European nations had expanded its domain over vast colonies around the world and were able to earn fortunes due to natural resources extracted from them. The US itself was a colony (or 13) of the British Empire.

    American businessmen were in favor of imperialism because that way he US would be able to control the natural resources from other countries.
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