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29 January, 17:42

The Lending Club removed CEO Renaud Laplanche in 2016. Hans Morris, the company executive chairman, lauded him, saying his entrepreneurial spirit was critical to the success of the firm. But he also signaled the board was removing Mr. Laplanche because he had failed to build a strong control system and culture, stating that as a public company that provides a financial service, Lending Club must meet the industry high standards of transparency and disclosure. This kind of dismissal signals what message to the public?

A) Mr. Laplanche was not a creative entrepreneur.

B) The board of directors is active and engaged.

C) The board of directors needed a scapegoat to cover up their ineffectiveness.

D) Mr. Laplanche was dishonest.

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  1. 29 January, 18:25
    Option B


    In simple words, The key responsibility of an institution's board of directors is to spend time to determine that every other board member is emotionally involved and interested in the company's objectives is invested well. When the board members are fully committed, they will become the strongest leaders, champions, strategists, and sponsors around the charity.

    Thus, from the above we can conclude that the correct option is B.
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