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5 February, 15:25

In this sampling method we believe there are significant differences between groups comprising the population. Here we assign the population into groups and then try to replicate those percentages present in the population in our sample.

As a result we randomly select people out of each group to try and get a representative sample from each of the groups of interest.

Which sampling method is this?

a. Purposive

b. Systematic

c. Stratified

d. Cluste

Answers (2)
  1. 5 February, 15:57
    C. Stratified Sampling


    Stratified sampling is a form of sampling in which the populations in divided into sub groups called strata, each sub groups must be representative of all the elements found in the population. After this, a random sampling method is applied to select for study as seen in the study conducted in this question.
  2. 5 February, 16:09
    C) Stratified


    It is stratified sampling because you want to get information from groups that are mutually exclusive while also maintaining representative sample of the population.
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