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27 March, 15:03

Vivian owns an art supply store and traffic for her "painting" product group is increasing. What is one thing Vivian should do to optimize the performance of her painting products? A) Update the inventory by removing certain productsB) Subdivide the product group and move budget allocation to the best performing productsC) Add promotional text that says "Best selling" to the ad groupD) Increase the maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid for all products

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  1. 27 March, 16:42
    Statement B


    Provided information, Vivian owns an art gallery.

    Where the section of paintings is performing well. Thus, in order to optimize the performance well of paintings, more efforts need to be made for paintings.

    Efforts here include monetary as well as labor, thus more precise budget allocations to sections performing swell should be a considerable step.

    Here for paintings the budget shall be allocated even with a higher amount.

    Thus from all of the above most suitable option is:

    Statement B
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