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17 July, 21:13

As an innovation consultant, you work with a number of firms. Better Mousetraps builds inexpensive but sophisticated mousetraps. They have very capable designers and engineers who are highly motivated by a personal desire to rid the world of mice, yet innovation is low. The CEO asks you to conduct some creativity training. You lead the key designers through a process for coming up with new ideas by reframing common problems in unique ways to come up with multiple or alternative solutions. Along with the training, you interview the designers and engineers and discover that they are not clear on what the CEO wants. You also find they perceive a corporate bias towards the status quo, not an encouragement to innovate. What creativity component seems to be weak at Better Mousetraps? Group of answer choices

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  1. 17 July, 22:06
    The correct answer is letter "B": Creativity-relevant skills.


    Creativity-relevant skills are those abilities that lead to take risks and have a different overview of a project. Those skills mainly drive a company through unexplored fields to solve problems breaking up traditional processes of working inside an organization.
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