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14 June, 08:11

The types of perceptual experiences, illustrated in Panel A, that are not relevant to a person's judgment and decision making processes, but can still have a biasing impact on those processes, are best described as:a) recall

b) context effects. c) feature detectors. d) practice effects.

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  1. 14 June, 08:19
    The correct answer is a) recall cues.


    Humans do not perceive the various manifestations of environmental energy in isolated discrete portions (light, acoustic waves, physical pressure, chemical components, etc.), but the energy elements that are components of stimulation are organized into perceptual structures (forms, objects, scenes, sequences, etc.).

    It is evident that, as the Gestalt Psychology proposed, the perceptual experience has an organized character and constitutes a hierarchically arranged structure of elements, so that, depending on this hierarchy, the configuration, actuality and meaning characteristics are determined. The order of this hierarchy in the perceptual organization is: 1st) Figure-background discrimination. 2nd) Stabilization of the figure. 3rd) Recognition and / or identification of the figure.
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