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18 July, 18:12

Fletcher is an executive at Fresnas Inc., a clothing manufacturer. He communicates with clients to analyze what features consumers desire. Additionally, he records the quality improvements that consumers and clients suggest. In this scenario, Fletcher is trying to:a. differentiate heavy users from light users. b. select the target market. c. learn whether consumers are currently satisfied with the offerings. d. differentiate the brand from the competition. e. identify the size and profitability of each consumer segment.

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  1. 18 July, 18:27
    C) learn whether consumers are currently satisfied with the offerings.


    Fletcher is basically conducting a survey to determine consumer satisfaction, preferences and suggested improvements. It is very important to periodically perform consumer satisfaction surveys to get feedback about changing consumer expectations.

    Consumers very quickly assume that better services or better products should be the norm. For example, a PC manufacturer starts to expand their product warranty from one year (industry standard) to three years. Soon customers will expect that all PC manufacturers offer the three year warranty.

    If consumer expectations are important for most goods and services, they are vital and extremely important for clothing manufacturers. Clothing styles change every season, so consumers expect radical positive changes every few months.
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