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26 December, 01:20

Theodore and James have formed TJ Soft, an entrepreneurial venture to develop games and other kinds of software for consumers. Their company, which includes TJ Soft stores, is looking for opportunities in the future that include international operations. A game company in Thailand wants TJ Soft to join it and work together to create a new game that bears the brand name of both companies. What would be an appropriate approach for this venture?

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  1. 26 December, 02:48
    a global strategic alliance


    A global strategic alliance is established between two or more countries that are established on different countries. In this case, TJ's headquarters are in the US and the other game company's headquarters are in Thailand. This type of alliance is very common when companies want to enter new international markets. For example, Volkswagen Group is the largest car manufacturer in the world, even though its headquarters are located in Germany, around 50% of the cars it sells are produced in China through a series of strategic alliances with Chinese car manufacturers. It was the first western car manufacturer to start producing cars in China and it really paid off for them. Its share of the Chinese car market is currently around 25%.
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