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23 July, 09:36

How do you improve as hrm

A: Read the SHRM Code of Ethics. Review the guidelines under the category of Professional Development. Propose and discuss a learning opportunity that you will pursue to achieve one or more goals related to these guidelines.

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  1. 23 July, 10:44
    The field of Human resource management is shortly called as HRM where responsibilities as well as opportunities are gathered and released together.


    Core responsibility and benefits of being - HR (hrm)

    As one of the HR professional I must possess all the basic qualities to meet the highest standards of competence and commit to power up my competencies on a continuous basis. I propose to expand my knowledge of human resource management to understand about the organizations functions where I work with.

    A learning opportunity Commit me with continuous learning, developing my skills and application of new knowledge in the various fields related to both human resource management and the organizations where I serve. I will contribute my best level in the evolution of the profession and the growth of individuals through teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge.
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