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7 June, 00:28

Which is the most expensive form of advertising blank is the costliest mode of advertising as it includes buying air time and shooting expenses.

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  1. 7 June, 01:53
    Television Advertising is the most expensive form of advertising.


    Television Advertising still the most powerful advertising. Even though internet has a huge access to households. TV still the only Mass Media electronic that is possessed almost by all houses in the world.

    The Advertising in TV reaches a greater number of users than any other media. Because of this advertising in TV is extremely costly when compared to other mass media.

    Big events such as the super bowl have an expensive fee for the companies that want to air an add. The most expensive add ever is No. 5 the Film (2004) is a 180-second short film directed by Baz Luhrmann for the perfume company Channel, this advertising had a budget of $33 million dollars.
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