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23 August, 18:30

Julianna, the HR manager at Hudson Corp., wants to ensure that incentive pay rewards the individuals who contribute the most to the organization and whose contributions have grown since their pay rates were originally set. She determines that she can best accomplish these goals by paying an incentive amount based on individuals' performance ratings and compa-ratios. In this scenario, Julianna would be applying the system of:

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  1. 23 August, 19:39
    Answer: System of merit pay.


    From the following given case or scenario, we can state that Julianna would be most likely applying the system of Merit pay. Merit pay is referred to as an approach taken in order to compensate rewards for higher performing worker and employees with the additional pay, which is at times or sometimes called the incentive pay. This has both disadvantages and advantages for the employers and employees.
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