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GAAP is comprised of: FASB financial standards. any accounting guidance included in the FASB Codification. FASB standards, interpretations, and concepts statements. FASB standards, interpretations, EITF consensuses, and accounting rules issued by FASB predecessor organizations.

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  1. 10 June, 18:03
    FASB financial standards. Any accounting guidance included in the FASB Codification


    GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles) is primarily comprised of a series of pronouncements from the financial accounting standards board (FASB).

    The FASB is not a governmental agency. It is an independent agency tasked with identifying the best way to account for corporate transactions and report them in the most appropriate manner.

    GAAP, as set forth by the FASB, is only for US firms and international firms selling stock on US stock exchanges.

    Other countries have their own accounting standards agencies that set their own form of GAAP rules.
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