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30 August, 09:20

An investigation of the safety issues with the Chevrolet Cobalt car blamed GM's company culture in part. Mary Barra, the CEO, described the "GM Nod" as when everyone nods in agreement to a proposed plan of action, but then leaves the room expecting someone else to handle it. The GM Nod is a form of

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  1. 30 August, 09:39
    social loafing


    Social loafing refers to a psychological phenomenon where people who participate in teams will not try their best in order to achieve the team's goals because he/she believes that other team members will do it, and they will either solve the problem or perform the required task. That way they will benefit from other people's work.

    This is not something that only happens in businesses, we all have a classmate that doesn't participate in group assignments because he/she knows that the others will complete it and everyone will be graded equally based on the group's performance.
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