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3 February, 19:48

Professional Products Inc., a wholesaler of office products, was organized on February 5 of the current year, with an authorization of 50,000 shares of preferred 2% stock, $60 par and 1,000,000 shares of $8 par common stock. The following selected transactions were completed during the first year of operations:

1. Journalize the transactions. If an amount box does not require an entry, leave it blank.

a. Feb. 5. Issued 700,000 shares of common stock at par for cash.

b. Feb. 5. Issued 1,200 shares of common stock at par to an attorney in payment of legal fees for organizing the corporation.

c. Apr. 9. Issued 40,000 shares of common stock in exchange for land, buildings, and equipment with fair market prices of $120,000, $280,000, and $80,000, respectively.

d. June 14. Issued 25,000 shares of preferred stock at $82 for cash.

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  1. 3 February, 20:46
    The Journal entries are detailed in the explanation

    Feb 5: Debit Cash a/c and credit common stock with $5,600,000

    Debit Legal fees and credit common stock with $9,600

    April 9: Debit Land 120,000, building 280,000 and equipment 80,000 and credit common stock $320,000 and excess capital $160,000

    June 14: Debit cash $2,050,000 credit Pref stock with $1,500,000 and excess capital with $550,000


    The question is to journalize the transactions of Professional Products inc as follows

    Date Particulars/Description Debit Credit

    5th Feb Cash A/c 5,600,000

    Common Stock 5,600,000

    Being the issue of 700,000 shares of common stock at par for cash

    5th Feb Legal Fees A/c 9,600

    Common Stock 9,600

    Being the issue of 1200 shares of common stock at par for legal fees

    9th April Land A/c 120,000

    Building A/c 280,000

    Equipment A/c 80,000

    Common Stock (40,000 x 8) 320,000

    Capital Paid in Excess of Par 160,000

    Being the issue of 40,000 shares in exchange for land, building and equipment.

    14th June Cash A/c 2,050,000

    2% Preferred Stock ($60 x 45,000) 1,500,000

    Pref. Capital Paid in Excess of Par 550,000

    Being the issuance of 25,000 shares of Preferred stock at $82
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