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28 August, 15:43

After the buyer and the seller have signed a sales contract, the seller changes his mind and defaults. The buyer sues the seller to force him to go through with the contract. This is known as a suit for ...

-specific performance

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  1. 28 August, 17:26
    The correct answer is Specific Performance.


    Specific performance is a court order that compels a party to perform a specific act, usually what is stated in a contract. It is an alternative to damages and is classified as a fair remedy generally in the form of injunctive relief regarding confidential information or real property. Although a specific execution can take the form of any kind of forced action, it is generally used to complete a previously established transaction, making it the most effective remedy for protecting the interests of the innocent party to a contract. It is generally the opposite of an injunction, but there are mandatory injunctions that have a similar effect to specific compliance.
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