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27 March, 11:24

Suppose the large number of bike accidents in a small town results in new legislation that requires all citizens of the town to wear specialized bike helmets when riding. These new helmets reduce the probability of head trauma by 25% during a bike accident. While the new helmets (Increase/Decrease) the probability of a serious head injury resulting from a bike accident, they also incentivize cyclists to ride (less/more) safely, which could (Increase/Decrease) the number of bike accidents and thus head injuries to cyclists.

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  1. 27 March, 12:48
    The sequential pattern of answers would be decrease, less and increase.


    In the first case, the legalization of new helmets would actually reduce the probability of serious head injuries from cycle accidents as it might probably better and well-equipped safety and preventive structure or materials. However, as people or riders start using more of these new helmets, they might become less cautious about safe riding resulting in more number of cycle accidents in the streets. Hence, increase in careless and rash riding might result in more number of cycle accidents thereby, leading to higher chances of head injuries.
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