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20 April, 04:36

To keep track of the latest developments in computing, Lenovo's research centers are located

in China, U. S. A., and Japan. Also, to benefit from low-cost labor and reduced shipping costs, the

company's manufacturing facilities are in Mexico, India, and China. Which of the following

strategies would require Lenovo to organize its operations worldwide in order to develop

uniform products for its domestic and foreign markets?

A. a transnational strategy

B. a multidomestic strategy

C. a localization strategy

D. a global-standardization strategy

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  1. 20 April, 06:14
    D. a global - standardization strategy


    A global - standardization strategy -

    It is the ability to internationally use the standard marketing, i. e., the ability of the business or the company to use the same marketing strategy as that of the other company, from some other culture, is known as a a global - standardization strategy.

    Hence, from the information given in the question, the correct term is a global - standardization strategy.
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