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20 April, 22:43

Overbooking is a relatively common and widely used technique used by hotels to diminish the impact from no-shows

A) Deliberate overbooking which results in walked guests is a breech of legal contract

B) The federal government has threatened, in the past, to enact legislation penalizing hotels for overbooking

C) The chain CRO charges every property a set of fees for every reservation booked through the chain and/or website

D) All of the above are true

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  1. 21 April, 00:38
    Answer: Option (E)


    Overselling also known as overbooking is referred to as sale of volatile commodity, good or service with excess in actual supply. Overbooking is common practiced by hospitality and travel sectors, under which it is usually expected that most individuals will cancel. This practice also occurs as intentional organization strategy under which sellers tends to expect that buyers may not consume all resources which they are usually entitled to, else some of the buyers will cancel.
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