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24 August, 16:22

Explain what a data dictionary is, making sure to include definitions of the terms data element and record in your explanation. Provide examples of each of these terms as you include them.

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  1. 24 August, 18:19
    Data dictionary gives a detailed information concerning business data.


    • Data dictionary is also called a data definition matrix and it gives a detailed information concerning the data of a business. Data Dictionary gives more information about each character a business concept possess. It gives tools that makes you communicate the business stakeholder requirements better.

    • dа ta: Data is a compilation of facts, such as measurements, numbers, words, and observations. Examples of data are email and name of students in a class.

    • Element: a component of a whole or one of the components into which an entity may be determined by analysis. Every data element should be determined once in the data dictionary. Example include address and account number.

    • Record: A record is made up of fields and it consists of all the data about a particular person or item in a database. Examples of record include tax returns, legal filings and driver's license.
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