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16 October, 13:13

In one of the case studies in the textbook, Laura Grove was the head teller at a bank in Tennessee. As the head teller, she had the authority to open the night depository along with another teller. For security reasons, each teller only had half of the combination to the vault. In the end, Grove opened the vault and stole two deposit bags worth approximately $16,000. How was she ultimately caught?

a. She broke down and confessed to the investigators during a routine interview of all tellers.

b. Her husband found the bank's money and turned her in.

c. The bank found some of the checks in the dumpster near her house with her fingerprints on them.

d. None of the above

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  1. 16 October, 14:09
    B) Her husband found the bank's money and turned her in.


    In this case study, Laura and her husband were in debt, and money was a problem for them. When she was transferred to another branch and promoted to head teller, instead of improving things by working, she thought how to make money illegally.

    She was able to notice some deficiencies in the bank's control system and decided to benefit from them. She had tried different ways to steal money, e. g. by leaving the vault open. One morning she went to work earlier than usual and was able to open the vault by herself and stole two bags.

    The problems started when customer checks were not deposited and customers started to complain. The bank's manager immediately thought Laura was involved and the police investigating her. All ended pretty quickly when Laura's husband called the police and told them he had found the bank's money.
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