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28 March, 20:29

What was a factor in Pilgrim's success in their new colony?

A. Quick military victory over a native tribe

B. Early planning kept most Pilgrims alive after the first winter

C. Overcame weak leadership of their governor

D. An agreement with local Native Americans

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  1. 28 March, 21:05
    D) Anagreement with the local Native Americans is the correct option.


    The Plymouth colonists acted on the behalf of the King James First allied with the chief of Wampanoags. By the treaty, both parties agreed not to hurt one another. It was the first treaty signed between the native Americans and the colonists. As per the treaty, if any Wampanoag violated the treaty, he would be sent to Plymouth as punishment. and if a colonist broke the punishment he would be sent to the Wampanoags. The treaty was signed in 1621 and lasted for 50 years.
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