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According to the text, for an entrepreneurial start-up to be successful, three ingredients are critical. What are they? Group of answer choices management, marketing, and money an opportunity, a marketing plan, and office space a viable opportunity, available resources, and a qualified and motivated founding team good ideas, a team of investors, and a busines

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  1. 9 June, 01:15
    A viable opportunity, available resources and a qualified and motivated founding team.


    An entrepreneur can be described as an individual who creates a new business and also undergoes the different financial risks that are associated with a business operation. An entrepreneur should be creative, smart and a problem solver inorder to be able to succeed in the business world.

    A successful enterpreneur must possess the ability to turn different ideas and knowledge into a viable business opportunity. The individual must also have access to an amount of money (capital) that is required to start up the business. There must also include a motivated team of workers willing to work with the individual inorder to achieve a specific goal.
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