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28 August, 11:09

When a 120 g sample of aluminum absorbs 9612 of heat energy, its temperature increases from 25°C to 115°C. Find the specific heat of aluminum

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  1. 28 August, 11:32
    0.89 J/g°C


    Concept tested: Quantity of heat

    We are given;

    Mass of the aluminium sample is 120 g Quantity of heat absorbed by aluminium sample is 9612 g Change in temperature, ΔT = 115°C - 25°C

    = 90°C

    We are required to calculate the specific heat capacity;

    We need to know that the quantity of heat absorbed is calculated by the product of mass, specific heat capacity and change in temperature.

    That is;

    Q = m * c * ΔT

    Therefore, rearranging the formula we can calculate the specific heat capacity of Aluminium.

    Specific heat capacity, c = Q : mΔT

    = 9612 J : (120 g * 90°C)

    = 0.89 J/g°C

    Therefore, the specific heat capacity of Aluminium is 0.89 J/g°C
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