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8 November, 20:49

Which of the following is not true of chloramines? Select one:

a. contain chlorine

b. can sanitize and disinfect

c. form trihalomethanes with organic compounds

d. are safer than free chlorine

e. treat wounds and skin surfaces

Answers (1)
  1. 8 November, 22:28
    c. form trihalomethanes with organic compounds


    Chloramines are compounds which are the derivatives of organic amine and ammonia. The N-H bonds in these compounds have been replaced by the N-Cl bonds. There are mainly two types of chloramines and they are inorganic chloramines and organic chloramines. Generally, chloramines contain chlorine, can be used to sanitize and disinfect, are safer than free chlorine, and can also be used to treat wounds and skin surfaces. Therefore, the correct option is (c) because chloramines do not form trihalomethanes with organic compounds.
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