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21 July, 22:36

All the following affect solubility except the

A. Polarity of the molecules

B. Temperature of the solute

C. Temperature of the solvent

D. Pressure above the solution

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  1. 21 July, 23:10
    Solubility is defined as the amount of a substance that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent. If enough substance is dissolved then the solution is defined as saturated, however, if more of the substance is able to be dissolved then it is considered an unsaturated solution. Temperature affects solubility in different ways, for gases dissolved in water it will decrease with an increase in temperature, in other words, cold water will dissolve more gas than hot water can. Polarity also affects solubility polar molecules are able to dissolve more easily in polar solutions and nonpolar molecules dissolve more readily in nonpolar solutions. As such, the answer to this question is D, the pressure above the solution does not affect solubility. The reason for this is that with a change in pressure there is litter to no change in solubility for solids or liquids, however, gasses as being the exception to most rules, their solubility increases as pressure increases.
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