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9 November, 01:51

Consider the reversible reaction, A+B⇌C+D. If the concentration of reactant B is increased, the rate of the forward reaction would:



be unaffected

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  1. 9 November, 01:56


    Chemical reaction:

    A + B ⇄ C + D

    According to the Le - Chatelier principle,

    At equilibrium state when stress is applied to the system, the system will behave in such a way to nullify the stress.

    The equilibrium can be disturb,

    By changing the concentration

    By changing the volume

    By changing the pressure

    By changing the temperature

    In given condition the equilibrium is disturb by increasing the concentration of reactant.

    When the concentration of reactant B is increased the system will proceed in forward direction in order to regain the equilibrium. Because when reactant concentration is high it means reaction is not on equilibrium state.
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