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13 December, 21:51

How do three states of matter arise?

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  1. 13 December, 23:27
    The status of the state of matter of a material defines the phase. Pellet currently case 16 is defined; three of which solid, liquid and gas are referred to as conventional cases. There are a total of 16 state currently defined, these classic except; liquid crystal, amorphous solid, magnetic regularly, superconducting, superfluid, the Bose-Einstein condensation, Rydberg molecules, plasma (ionized gas), the quark-gluon plasma, degenerate matter, Superkate, the stringy liquid and SuperCam mine. Daily life in general, solid materials, include liquid or gaseous, but outside world, 99% of the material in the universe plasma (ionized gas) is in the form.
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