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19 April, 10:41

Which of the following diatomic molecules is joined by a triple covalent bond?

A. O2

B. CI2

C. N2

D. He2

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  1. 19 April, 12:19
    The correct answer is C. In the periodic table nitrogen has 5 valence electrons and needs 3 more electrons to obtain an octet. So it would form three covalent bonds with another nitrogen and that would be a triple bond.

    A is incorrect because oxygen is in group 6 and only needs 2 electrons to achieve an octet. So it would form two covalent bonds with the other oxygen to give a double bond.

    B is incorrect because Cl is in group 7 and only needs 1 electron to achieve an octet. So it forms a single bond with the other Cl atom.

    D is incorrect because helium is in Group 8, a noble gas, which means its valence shell is completely filled, hence no bonding can occur.
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