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All-sized companies are required to have a written fire prevention plan.

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  1. 8 March, 02:39
    Answer: i say yes

    and the information i got why is down below that way you can see if im right if you dont trust me

    What OSHA standards require a fire prevention plan?

    A fire prevention plan must be in writing, be kept in the workplace, and be made available to employees for review. However, an employer with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees. The name or job title of employees responsible for the control of fuel source hazards.


    While OSHA strongly recommends that all employers have an FPP, you are only required to have a fire prevention plan when an applicable OSHA standard requires it. Those standards include: Ethylene oxide, §1910.1047. Methylenedianiline, §1910.1050.
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    Companies must have a written fire prevention plan, this is an OSHA requirement and must be followed by companies of any size.

    Investing in fire safety measures is essential for companies, especially industries. After all, it is only with this preventive work of a fire prevention plan that employees will be able to understand what is necessary to do in the event of a fire occurring. This is important to prevent damage to people's health and also to the physical space of the organization as a whole.

    Accidents involving fire are the ones that can bring the worst damage to companies. Such losses may even be irreversible, as in the case of death or serious injury to employees, damage to the environment due to smoke, total or partial shutdown of activities, loss of property, among other consequences.
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