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30 August, 11:33

1. Though Florida receives a lot of rainfall, only 1 percent remains available for people to use or drink. What happens to the rest of the water?

2. Because Florida has such a large underground water system, which four (4) other states receive drinking water from Florida?

3. Name one reason people in Florida wanted to get rid of the water in certain areas.

4. What was one negative result of the changes people made to get rid of the water? 5. What is one thing that has been done to try and improve those mistakes?

Answers (1)
  1. 30 August, 13:02
    1. I would have to say it evaperates

    2. alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and south carolina

    3. Because it sometimes gets bad acids in it

    4. It created a favourable outcome

    5. sorry I don't know
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