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8 June, 04:55

What are the uses of methanol?

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  1. 8 June, 05:13
    Methanol has severl uses few of which are discussed below.


    Methanol is the simplest alcohol with chemical formula CH3OH. Its nin drinkable because its toxic when consumed.

    Methanol is used for preparing acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, butandiol, acetal resins etc which are used for production of furthur high specific chemicals with high rate of purity. Its also used widely in automobile industry.

    Its used to produce acetic acid, solvent esters and acetates, terepthalic acid, etc which are used in automobiles, paint industry, ink industry etc.

    Its used in preparation if zero emmision fuels. Its also used to produce antifreeze, lubricants, burning alcohol, spirit etc.

    Its also used to produce different cleaners and canned heat.

    Its used to dress wounds, for preparation of MMA, MTOs etc.
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