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23 August, 12:59

Acetic acid only partially ionizes in water. A solution contains a large quantity of acetic acid dissolved in water. How can this acid solution best be described?

A. strong and concentrated

B. weak and concentrated

C. strong and dilute

D. weak and dilute

Answers (2)
  1. 23 August, 13:39
    B because acetic acid is a weak acid and large quantity means you make it become concentrated
  2. 23 August, 13:57
    Answer: Option (B) is the correct answer.


    It is known that acetic acid is a weak acid. Hence, it only ionizes partially into a solution.

    Since, a solution consists of solute and solvent. A substance present in smaller quantity is known as solute and a substance present in larger quantity is known as solvent.

    So, when we add more and more of a solute into a solvent then there will occur an increase in the concentration of solute. As a result, the solution becomes concentrated in nature.

    Therefore, we can conclude that the given acid solution best be described as weak and concentrated.
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